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Video Marketing Concept, YouTube SEO Strategy
Digital Marketing

6 Tips For Your YouTube SEO Strategy/Campaign

If you have been keenly observing Google search results of late, you may have noticed that YouTube videos are increasingly being featured on the first page. Why is this? Well, Google has realized that more

Long-tail keywords incorporated into SEO strategy concept
Content Marketing

8 Reasons To Focus On Long-Tail Keywords For SEO

Long-tail keywords are words or phrases specific to a product or service. That means they are targeted for the promotion of that product or service. Ideally, a long-tail keyword has at least 3 – 4

Analysis of the Google January 2020 Core Update
algorithm update

Analysis Of The Google January 2020 Core Update

We live in a fast-paced digital society that’s ever-changing. Ever wondered why? Well, this is thanks to search engine core updates. Google is currently the heavyweight in the search engine market, recording over 88% market

page of facebook ad marketing
Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketing: Has It Jumped The Shark?

A few years ago, you couldn’t read an article on marketing without hearing about all of the merits of Facebook. Now as you know, things change all of the time, especially in the world of

arrows hit the target of local search marketing, Google My Business
Digital Marketing

Why You Should Optimize Your Google My Business Listing Today

Businesses are reaping great rewards by taking advantage of location-based marketing strategies. Here, they target potential customers within a specified location and can focus their efforts in this area. If you are looking to employ

effective email marketing strategy concept
Content Marketing

Will Email Marketing Still Be Effective In 2020?

You’ve most probably heard that email marketing is dead or dying more than a few times. Please don’t believe it! That line has been doing the rounds for a while now. Though email marketing can

evolution of web design concept
Digital Marketing

How Has Web Design Evolved Over The Years?

The web design world is constantly evolving. Popular trends of yesteryear are now a distant memory. Web design trends are usually linked to advances in technology. Technology changes how people learn information, communicate, and lead

PPC Advertising Concept

Top 6 Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

According to recent statistics, over 3.5 billion searches are conducted daily on Google. A great portion of these searches are consumers looking for products and services. If you don’t have a strategy in place to