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The Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for law firms to reach prospects and clients. Originally, social platforms were invented for social interactions. But now, businesses are adopting it as an indispensable tool to get

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Marketing: Social Media vs. Email for Law Firms

Marketing has always been an efficient promotional and sales strategy for law firms and other businesses. Whether through advertising, referral programs, conversational marketing, social media marketing etc., marketing is an essential business technique that has

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Digital Marketing

8 Reasons Social Media Campaigns Fail

Social media platforms create the illusion that gaining exposure is easy. All you need is a good picture and a tagline; the rest will take care of itself, right? Unfortunately, it is not going to

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Content Marketing

5 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Attorneys

Video marketing has become quite popular over the last few years, and many businesses are using it to help with their SEO efforts, boosting traffic to their websites. But, why has video marketing become so

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